UI/UX Design - Enes Olcay
Shoe Design - Kevin Chen
Pronto Pista means “track ready” in Italian. They are the smart motorsport shoes which the user can wear during the track walk. Using the mobile app he can create his own racing line. Later during the track, the shoes will give him tactile feedback telling him when to brake and when to throttle.
The smart shoes have the advanced GPS technology which allows the user to create his own racing line during the track walk. It walks the user through the process. It asks to share his location information and shows the track that he is in. He can see the track information and the racing lines created by the other race drivers. Also he can create his own racing line by walking the track and he can add notes so he can see them during the race. When he is done, it just syncs with the infotainment Racing App.
The smart motorsport shoes give tactile feedback to the race driver. When he activates the racing line, the smart shoes calculates when he needs to brake and when he needs to throttle. When the driver needs to brake, the left shoe activates and when he needs to throttle, the right shoe activates. The intensity of the haptic feedback changes according to the urgency of braking/throttling.
This project is a part of the Alfa Romeo Connubio project.
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